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keeping a poker face is all i need now. (:

By joreensux · June 4, 2010

heyo ppl. yes yes. i'm back again (: haha. ytd got tarots session with ting, xin, ling n ping (: was wonderful. probably used up too much energy but i'm enjoying it now! haha! feels great that everything can be forgotten, no need to stress already. (: hahah! let's make it weekly shall we? we're gonna enjoy it loads! <3

drink, drank, drunk

By joreensux · May 28, 2010

stress of life. i'm not a god, not a counsellor. all i can help i help. but i'm not alpowerful. i need a rest too. someone tell me what to do can? i'm stress, i'm sick of everything. i need a big big break D:

wondering who m i breathing for?

By joreensux · April 20, 2010

sch's a drag drag drag! listening to the stupid woo nagg >< hahahahahahah! feeling sad right now.. y the person i love doesn't reciprocate back my love. all i ask for is just love. how can u be so selfish? i'm so disappointed. very very very. all i thought was to try n wait. but my waiting seems to be no use. tell me what to do?

gradually, i'm not being myself anymore.

By joreensux · March 27, 2010

i'm backk (: sighh. this few days really sot le.. been sad for quite some days. only baobei n a few ppl know the reason y. not gonna say it. cuz it's all too sudden. been crying, emo-ing n idk le. felt so fucking stupid? zzzzzzzz nvm, forget it, forget everything n continue my life (:

just when u fell. someone is always there.

By joreensux · March 15, 2010

went for xiao gui's auto. it's awesome! love it to the max man! xiao gui's damn shuai! :D went in the morning to meet xq first before going bugis. heh. dan went to meet marmie they all. marmie, see i so good. buy u present :D hahahahahhah! thank me ok? =x i dun buy present for ppl de >< hehe dan was finally xiao gui's auto. wow, can u imagine the ppl at bugis? flooded man! hahaha
e awards was superb! i saw ONEW! ONEW OPPA!! hahahah, scream like some mad girl. he's so cute n hot. love him to the max. sharon was screaming for taemin. gosh, onew's wife, he's cute right? hahahahahahahahha! but only get to see at e awards. super sad ): cry cry cry!

4 november babies on a outing on sunday 7/3/10?

By joreensux · March 7, 2010

went out with 3 lovely babes on sunday. they are.... WENYI! XUEE! & CRYSTAL! hahahah! went to sit at tcc. i was the only one who ordered food. dun order ps de leh >< ha! dan went to plaza, late for work le >< thanks wenyi for the food. hahahaha, was thinking what would happen if our face kena snapped shot into storm. haha, show to jiro la. dan he will rmb me forever! hahahahah! anyway, welcome mei into sc5! yay! we'll never be apart de :D loves!

when things become more dear to u, it will soon be a illusion to u.

By joreensux · March 3, 2010

yes yes, back to posting. wasn't really interested in posting as no one really come my blog that often. (: it seem sad when someone u love become someone u once loved. it's just so tiring. decided to back off from the term "relationship" n do things that i really enjoyed at the moment first. seems stupid uh? (: chase idol, go crazy, joker n work. maybe that's what i will do first. dun be too angry with u see this (: cuz i won't care at all (: i'm tired of hinting n hinting n all u does is to reject n reject. it's really so f-paining. u understand not? i guess u won't since u think that ur ex says u're useless. dan go ahead dan. i'm really so stupid to even meet u up n when i ask ur answer was "i dun wish to be alone". WOW! i'm amazed by that answer (: n u know what? i feel so stupid to confess that i still love u. afterall, it's just a fucking illusion. damn _l_ i can't be bothered anymore (: do what u think is deem right n we'll get on with our own life. get it? (:

i hate myself tooooooo ): AWW MAN!

By joreensux · February 19, 2010

yes yes, request from my BABE! hahahahahahah i'll post one. short n sweet (: wow, i find that i love to shoot ppl at their own saying n game. i hate myself tooooo ): how how? i hate ppl who copy n copy n copy. dunno what's the problem with these ppl? i wonder.. some are too bitchy, while some love to gain sympathy.. hmm, i wonder y man? awwww.. dun they know how to even think? ok TA-DA! i'm done. short n sweet isn't it? :D

it feels awkward ):

By joreensux · February 4, 2010

found this photo over the web. might be quite a while le. =x sch was boring! B-O-R-I-N-G! 3 hrs sitting there doing nth but assignment. wtf? ltr gonna go watch "14 blades" with xin ai n aluminium :D heh! it's like the 1st month of sch, sch had already bored me ): i hate the teachers, i hate the seniors! bored bored bored ): my throat is killing me. trying to stop eating chilli now. just couldn't do w/o chilli ): sigh! i miss my sec friends. it's been awhile since i last saw them ): oh god, lesson for O lvl eng is gonna start very soon. stress stress stress ): sighhhhh!

post starts from sat (:

By joreensux · February 1, 2010

ok, i'm back to post. noitce my blog is deaddddd ): let's start from sat. gonna be a long(?) one i guess. actually was being barred to ton, was thinking of going the next morning. but decided not to risk it. rush down with kor to cck. can u imagine it? by the time i reach, the queue was damn longgggg! kaox! so me, sharon n kor was like playing with cards? n damn those passer bys. keep take photo, eye hurts like fuck. damn! decided to sleep awhile, but ppl keep take photo! grrrrr! after that waited for my dearest ah niah, she's soooo late ): but luckily the ppl didn't notice we swap our seats already. went home with kor. didn't get to sleep well. ): around 12 rush for work. i nearly fell asleep >< it's sooo tired can? ):

today sch was alright. was finding some entertainment to do. i keep do dalang thing. sharon can't take it seh >< ha! asyraf even funny, he do even cute. was screaming at mr woo, he's sooo pervert can? arsehole la he! >< bus-ed home with sharon, bo jue, sebas. making alot of noise in the bus>< heh!

ps; milo it not waking me up ): also also! my led board is done:D ; actually it wasn't that long =x


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